The end of the month can't come quick enough for me, I'm literally counting down the days until I can get my hands on all of these goodies!
You have probably already noticed the slight monochrome obsession I have, so it's no surprise that everything I want to buy is black and white...

Top of the list for me has to be the cut out ankle boots from Pretty Little Thing, they're the ideal transitional shoe for SS season, they're a cross between a boot and a sandal, and if you're like me and hate open toe sandals, then there are the perfect option. Shoes like this are so simple to style too... they'll look great with skirts/shorts/trousers/dresses and I just know I'll get a tonne of wear out of them.

If I get the shoes, I think it justifies getting the bag too... right?! I've been eyeing up the Mango handbag for months now, so I think this payday might be the time I finally treat myself. I always like a really big bag, and it's such a great size, plus it has the gold hard wear to match the boots, definitely another excuse to get it!

As for the clothes, I love the printed trousers from the Mollie King collection at Oasis, printed trousers are my favourite trend at the moment, and I definitely want to add to my collection. I hate wearing jeans in the Summer, but I don't like the idea of having my legs out every single day, so these are the ideal alternative. Because they're monochrome, they will go with any colour top, which to me definitely makes them a great investment piece. I have my eye on the River Island logo tee to pair with them, it's simple and chic.

I was thinking about buying a palm tree print shirt from Bershka, but I don't have a store near me so didn't really want to order it without seeing it first (normally I wouldn't mind, but I've never shopped in Bershka, so didn't know what to expect with sizing and quality). Luckily, New Look are selling a pretty good dupe of the shirt, which I think I'll get as it is such a bargain.

Last on my wish list is a skort from Warehouse, which I don't really need, as I have lots of black shorts and skirts, but I don't have a skort... so maybe I do need it?!

What's on your wish list for this payday? Only a week to wait!
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