Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Because I Need More Coats

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I have an obsession with coats. I don't care if it's Winter or Summer, I will still buy coats. 
Only last week I bought the fluffiest, warmest coat from the Topshop sale and yet here I am planning my next purchase... send help!
I'm not going to lie, it is a slight possibility that I might end up buying most of these come payday but hopefully your comments and thoughts will help me to whittle it down to just one (or two).

The first coat, the monochrome baby, was worn by Lauren Pope not so long ago, and she looked fantastic in it, I've also seen Lucy Mecklenburgh, so it will most likely sell straight out! I love the round neck, it gives the coat some added structure, and I think it looks so much more expensive than it actually is! I usually go for fairly plain clothes as a general rule, so it would be nice to add quite a quirky coat into the mix.

Now let me explain this pink blazer, first of all yes, it's from New Look and it's an absolute bargain! I saw a girl wearing this in town and I just had to pluck up the courage to stop her and ask where it was from. I tried it on in store but they only had a few sizes left and I needed a smaller one (which of course was out of stock) and now they're all sold out online so I am praying I will find one somewhere. In real life it looks so classy, and it hangs lovely, I'd team mine with white jeans and a simple black heel. Please let me know if you see these in store anywhere, I'm desperate!

Onto the two checked jackets from River Island, although fairly different from one another, even I know that I only need one of these. It's just the difficulty of deciding which one! I think I prefer the style of the white one, I like the idea of having a long jacket (something which I've never had before), and the fact that I'd just be able to throw it over the top of pretty much any outfit. But then the black one is just so chic, and I think it would stay in style for longer. Maybe we should have a vote, all comments below ;)

I think I like the camel coat the best, it's so classic and chic and looks so much pricier than it actually is. The turned up back cuffs just add to the beauty of this... I can't wait 'til payday to treat myself! The only problem being the only stores in the UK that still have it in stock are in London, so if anybody feels generous enough to hunt this down for me, I would appreciate it massively (hint hint!)

Although I don't need another pastel coloured coat, blue is my favourite colour and I don't have a blue coat, so really, this is justified being on my wish list. If I don't manage to get the camel one, this might have to be my consolation present to myself! This would look amazing all year round, in S/S season the colour would be seen as a fresh pastel blue, then in Winter it would look more icy blue, so really it would be an investment piece. Worn with monochrome outfits I think it would be a real statement coat, the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Which is your favourite?
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  1. The very first one is lovely! And that's coming from someone who never wears coats at all :)


  2. I'm a sucker for pastel coats, that blue one is gorrrgeous! Keep trying to convince myself that it's getting warmer and I won't need them, but nope!

    Sarah xx

  3. I think the blue one is my favourite, but the camel might be the most timeless option. I think they checked ones are great but would go out of fashion after just one season.
    I'm absolutely obsessed with coats at the moment as well!

  4. wow the powder blue one is gorgeous!


  5. You have a lovely blog!
    And this is a fab post, love the pink and checked coats!

    Come visit me at

  6. That pink blazer-coat is fab! I love the colour xx

    Katy | www.littlemisskaty.co.uk


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