I haven't really done a catch up post for ages now, so I thought I would share a few of my latest Instagram pictures and fill you all in on what I have been up to over the last month or so.

So firstly, for those who don't follow me on Twitter (please go click follow if you don't already), you probably don't know that I am now working back in fashion management, which means blogging isn't as easy as it was last year when I was blogging for a living. I work 40+ hours per week, then of course I have Elodie, and I try to have a little bit of a social life, so needless to say I don't get to blog as much as I would love to. It seems so long ago, and so unbelievable that I used to post an outfit on here every day! I do love my job though, and wouldn't change anything because I still manage to squeeze in blogging and my YouTube channel which I enjoy so much. When I was simply blogging for my job (as much as I loved it) I missed seeing people and getting out and about, which is something my new job gives me.
I've spent quite a lot of time in London over the past few months with work which is a massive perk as I love the capital so much! Last time I was there I stayed in an amazing hotel in Piccadilly, went to Carnaby Street and Oxford Street (spent too much money) and visited Patty & Bun, which is without doubt the best burger place ever! I'm just hoping they will come up North soon, I'm craving their amazing chips with rosemary salt on a daily basis!

A few weeks ago Elodie was given a place in my first choice of local primary school, which I can't believe is happening. How is my baby old enough to be going to school?! This scares me so much, she is so grown up now... it feels like only yesterday that I was bringing her home from hospital! This also means that I have been blogging for almost five years now... wow! I started That's Peachy when I was pregnant, simply because I was bored when I left my job to go on maternity leave and it just seemed like a good way to pass the time. I would never have imagined to still be blogging now!
At the end of April my boyfriend began his career as a social worker, which has meant big changes for us as a family, as he has relocated to Essex and I've stayed in the North East with Elodie. We miss him so much, but hopefully he will be back working closer to home soon.

FABB Events is still a big part of my life too, we recently held an event in Liverpool on the Albert Dock which was the most amazing location. I'd never been to Liverpool before, but it was somewhere I had always wanted to visit, and I'm so grateful that FABB gave me the opportunity to do so. I wore a gorgeous pink jumpsuit from In Love With Fashion for the event, which you can see in the first picture (I will be blogging about this soon), I also got to shop and eat loads of yummy food with Ray and have a catchup with the lovely Hollie while I was there. FABB weekends are always SO much fun, I really can't wait until the next. We will be announcing the next city and date very soon on our Facebook page, so if you're interested in coming along we would love to have you there, just make sure you give us a 'like' so you don't miss the announcement.

I think thats us all caught up now, I just wanted to update on a few bits and write a chatty kind of post for a change. I hope you like my new blog layout too?! It was definitely time for a change, and although it's not complete yet, I'm really pleased with it.

If you would like to keep up to date with my daily pictures on Instagram, you can follow me by searching for 'thatspeachy'.
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