I love Michelle Keegan more than as much as the next person. She's a girls girl, she's beautiful, successful and stylish. When admiring her outfits, I've found that the majority of the time she shops on the high street, making her looks really easy to recreate or be inspired by. Of course she does have the odd designer handbag and has worn a few out of reach dresses, but that's where the fun part comes in... I've been looking at some of my favourite outfits she has worn recently and I've tried to recreate them with cheaper, yet similar high street alternatives. Sometimes this has been difficult, as the actual items she has worn have been pretty cheap to begin with, but I have done my best!
Checked trousers (Six Ames)
Shirt: MangoTrousers: ASOS / Monochrome Heels: Dune
This is such a chic outfit, and a fairly simple one to recreate. I'm not too sure where Michelle got her shirt or shoes from but both are easy enough to find dupes for. You could get the cream blouse from many places, I managed to find a really good dupe from Mango which has the same pockets on the front.
When searching for some similar trousers to Michelle's designer choice, I actually prefer the ones I found on ASOS! They're such a bargain in comparison too.
Lastly the shoes I found are an almost identical dupe too... The only real difference is that the heels are white and the toes are black (opposite to Michelle's pair).
Michelle's outfit: Ditsy Floral Shirt (Oasis) / White Skinny Jeans (Topshop)
Blouse: George at AsdaJeans: Mango / Ballet Pumps: Boohoo
This outfit of Michelle's is pieces from the high street accessorised with designer items and I have managed to find cheaper alternatives for everything. 
The blouse Michelle is wearing is a real bargain so you could just go and buy the same one, however if you prefer a bargain, the top I found from George at Asda isn't far from the real thing.
Same with the jeans, you can find white jeans all over the high street at the moment, and the skinny pair I found from Mango are a really good copy.
Unfortunately the shoes I found aren't the same dusty pink colour as Michelle's but if you compare the price of her Vivienne Westwood pair and the ten pounds Boohoo pair, I don't think anyone can really grumble!
This is such a classy, expensive looking outfit which really isn't (although the shoes might be designer, I'm not too sure). The pieces I have found to replicate the look are pretty much identical and come to a much lower price, the holographic shoes give a really modern twist to a ladylike outfit.
Knitted Tank Top (River Island) / Pink Leather Pencil Skirt (River Island) / Lilac Court Shoes (River Island)
Tank Top: River Island / Pink PVC Skirt: Missguided / Lilac Heels: Matalan
I have to admit defeat with the top for this outfit, as I couldn't find anything remotely similar for cheaper... seems like this top is one of a kind! If you do want something along the same lines for cheaper, I'd just go with a baby blue or mint green coloured vest top and wear it oversized and tucked into the skirt. 
The skirt and shoes are pretty good copies though, obviously for the price the skirt isn't real leather but it still looks really similar and the Matalan shoes are just beautiful! I might even have to snap up this outfit for myself!
Pink Jacket (Zara) / White Layered Dress (Mango)
Pink Jacket: River IslandDress: Vero Moda / Nude Heels: Dorothy Perkins
The final outfit is one of my favourites, it's perfect for a Summer wedding or Christening. Again Michelle has gone for another really affordable ensemble, but the dupes I have found are even cheaper!
The dress is perhaps a more flattering cut for petite girls in comparison to the oversized one worn by Michelle and the coat and shoes will compliment it perfectly.

Which look is your favourite?!
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