I don't really enjoy writing negative blog posts, but when I asked on Twitter if you would be interested in hearing about some products that I won't be rushing out to repurchase I was inundated with tweets asking me to write the post. Obviously some people will really love these products, so don't let me put you off completely... I'm simply going to let you know why they don't work for me.

Nars 'Orgasm' blush: This may come as a surprise to some, as this is a much sought after product. It's definitely one of the most, if not the most talked about product from Nars, maybe it's the controversial name, maybe its the product itself...
Don't get me wrong, I do like this product, the peachy pink colour is just beautiful, with its golden undertone it looks dreamy on the cheeks and can be worn as a subtle flush or built up to a really intense colour.
The things that put me off buying this again are firstly the price, (£21.50/£22.50 depending where you shop) I realise this isn't massively expensive, but it is still a lot for one product, when you can get similar shades for cheaper. This leads me on to mention that I do own an almost identical dupe to this blush (Sleek 'Rose Gold') which only set me back £4.49, so really there is no reason for me to repurchase. I am a little bit of a blush addict too, I own way too many, and buy new ones all of the time which doesn't really justify me paying so much when I don't wear it very often.
If you're looking to splash out on one special product, I would recommend this as it's amazing quality but for me I won't be buying it again, although maybe I would try a different shade, something different to ones I already own.

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation: It pains me to write this, because I am usually a big fan of Maybelline products (foundation included, I love Fit Me), but I actually hate this foundation. Before I start, I will say that I have heard people talk about this in a positive light, so maybe it will work for you, but for me it is just awful. I picked this up on a whim in Boots about three months ago, I had actually gone in with the intention of repurchasing Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation (I like to wear drugstore foundation rather than my more expensive favourites for work), but I saw the poster for this, and decided to give it a go. Sold and advertised as 'hydrating, suitable for sensitive skin, flawless all day coverage' said to 'reduce the appearance of dull, uneven skin and visibly improve your skin' this sounded like the dream foundation. I have very sensitive, dull, dry sometimes red skin... so if this foundation did as it claimed, I knew I was onto a winner. I was also impressed with the large range of shades available - definitely a good thing for a drugstore foundation!
Unfortunately this just doesn't suit my skin at all. I have tried applying it with different brushes, with my fingers, with and without primers, but I just don't get on with it. I feel like it's sitting on top of my skin and I just can't get it to blend. After a few hours I find that it starts to almost separate on my skin, and I'm left looking like my skin is even drier than it actually is and quite patchy. After a full day at work my skins redness is shining through and all of the foundation has pretty much disappeared from my face. This has happened every time I've worn it, so for now I am giving up, unless one of you can help me out and give me some tips because the shade I've got is the perfect match!

Mac 'Blacktrack' eyeliner: I rarely wear eyeliner, but when I do, I tend to reach for the gel variety, I find it the easiest to apply with my always shaky hands and it always seems to last the longest on my sometimes oily eyelids. About a year ago I thought it was a good idea to invest in Mac's much talked about Blacktrack gel eyeliner, as I assumed that it would be one of the best available. Unfortunately I was wrong, and in my honest opinion I see no difference between this and the Sleek Gel Eyeliner (although maybe the Mac one is slightly blacker). People who don't suffer from oily eyelids will most likely get on better with this than I do, so I'm not saying it's completely rubbish, but for me it's definitely not worth the extra money. Also, as I don't use this very often (usually just for nights out which are few and far between), I have found that this dries up really quickly too, which isn't great when you're not a regular liner wearer like myself.

Maybelline 'Brow Drama' brow gel: Please don't think I am hating on Maybelline, because I am not, but I do like to be honest, and I definitely wouldn't buy this product again. I don't actually believe a brow gel is a necessity in anyones makeup bag, some may love to use it, but for me a powder is much more effective to desire the look I like with my brows.
This is marketed as a 'brow sculpting mascara' and I do agree that you can sculpt your brows with this, so if you're looking for something to just set your brows, then you may like it. However, I find that because the gel is tinted, my brows end up looking clumpy... some areas are thick with colour, other areas end up bare. For me, I'd reach for my brow powder every time rather than this, and that's not just because I don't like brow gels, I have got the Benefit Gimmie Brow, which is much better (although more expensive).

Which products won't you be buying again?
Do you like any of the products I've mentioned in this post... I'd love to hear your thoughts, and how you make them work for you.
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