This Summer I have one wedding and two christenings to go to, two occasions that I always find difficult to dress for... there are so many unwritten rules to stick to! Firstly, you can't upstage the bride or the mother of the baby, then obviously for a wedding there's no white allowed. You have to dress suitable for a church, no short skirts or low cut tops and then of course there is the weather to think about... a sunny week can suddenly turn cold in time for the big day.

While searching for things to wear I came across the floral dresses range at Joules, and fell in love with the mustard number, it's quite retro and quirky and kind of perfect for a Summers day wedding. I think with things like this you're also pretty safe in knowing that you won't accidentally end up wearing the same thing as the person sitting opposite you (every girls worst nightmare). For the christening I am also loving the white dress, it's so simple and girly! 

If you're not so much a dress person, I don't think you can go too far wrong with a smart trouser or white jeans and a pretty top. My favourite is the floral one, with the cute Peter Pan collar, it's very me and definitely something I would get plenty of wear out of after the wedding/christening too.

Once I was on the Joules website, I found myself looking at some things to take with me on a little weekend break I have planned with Elodie and Robbie. I haven't been on holiday properly since I was eight, so it's fair to say that I am lacking in the holiday clothes department!
I love the ombre dress, this would look lovely with flip flops or little plimsols for the beach or a day walking around sightseeing. For a more relaxed outfit, I'm obsessing over the tie dye skirt which I would pair with a simple white tee and sunglasses.

A Summer holiday is the best time to take the opportunity to dress down a bit, I think comfort is most important (and in my case, trying to stay cool) and these pieces will help me to achieve that, while still looking stylish. 
If I was going to be holidaying every year, I would be looking for clothes that I could use again and again rather than having to buy a full new set of outfits each year. I would rather pay a little extra and buy some staple holiday pieces than buy really cheap bits to just leave in my hotel before I travel home. With the items I have picked out, they are fairly timeless when it comes to the style and the prints, so I know I'd be happy wearing them again if I go on holiday next year. Add a few different clutch bags and some chunky jewellery into the mix and I'll be set for my jollies - I can't wait!
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