It seems that anything can be in fashion, from clothing to hair styles, or even exercise classes. As soon as we get used to seeing spinning or Zumba classes popping up everywhere at our local gym it seems another new craze has arrived. So what's hot in the world of exercise this year? 

Water Aerobics 
Whether it's good old fashioned water aerobics, water Zumba or just swimming lengths at your local pool, it seems the popularity of this type of exercise will never wane. Perhaps it's because no one can see you doing the moves wrong under all that water. It's a great activity to take part in no matter what your weight or fitness level, because the water supports your joints as you move and all the equipment you need is a swimming costume. Swimming costumes from George at ASDA  are perfect for exercising in. Not only are they fashionable, but comfortable and sporty too.  

Not on the waves as you might expect, but a new craze in America is one that features the RipSurfer X, a machine that imitates a real surfboard. You'll be able to practice your surfing skills, feel what it's like to hit a wave and get some fantastic muscle tone in your chest, arms and legs, just like a real surfer. Definitely a different way to exercise.  

Street Dance 
Move to the beat of reggae, salsa and Latin rap as you turn up the heat for this fast paced exercise class. You'll learn to dance like the stars of Latin dance videos, like Shakira, as you familiarise yourself with the fast paced exotic moves. Even the warm up is enough to get your heart pumping. Much like Zumba in that it involves fast paced dancing to catchy Latin beats, it's sure to be just as popular this year. 

A favourite in all of its forms, yoga is a fantastic way to strengthen the body, relax the mind and give you an all over workout. Whether you choose Ashtanga Yoga, where you'll follow the exact same challenging poses every time, Bikram Yoga which follows a set of 26 poses or Yoga in a heated room where you will really work up a sweat, you'll find one of the many types will suit you perfectly.  

Spinning is incredibly popular thanks to its high calorie burn. It's a great group cycling class that really works up a sweat, but as it's low impact it's also good for those who can't do high impact aerobics as long as they adjust the workout to suit them. Your instructor will set the pace and tell you when to sprint or stand for example, but until you master it, you can work at your own pace. Just watch out for the tell tale sign of a good workout the following day - aching legs!  

Whichever exercise class you choose, make sure it's one you enjoy. There are so many to choose from it shouldn't be a problem finding something that's right up your street.  

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