I used to visit Lightwater Valley every year with my cousins when I was young, it was always a crazy day of going on the scariest and fastest rides and eating loads of junk food!
Last week, Robbie was home from Essex so we decided to take Elodie for the day as the weather was nice and the last time we took Elodie to a theme park was when she was a baby, so this was her first 'real' theme park visit. It only took about an hour and a half to get to Ripon in the car, and we had arrived, it was quite surreal how well I suddenly remembered everything about the place (it's been a good 15 or more years since I was last there!)

The weather was on our side all day, not too hot, but lovely and sunny and although we didn't go on any 'big' rides (the curse of only having two adults with a child!), we still had a lovely time. Elodie's first choice was to go for a paddle around the lake on the swan boats followed by the carousel and the Angry Birds activity park, which is possibly the best play area I've ever seen for children! Towards the end of the day Elodie was getting a little braver and rode her first ever roller coaster 'The Little Dipper', she also enjoyed the Falls Of Terror and the Wild River Rapids - definitely braved than I would have been at four years old! From the memories I had when I used to visit, I couldn't really remember much for little ones, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was for children of Elodie's age to enjoy (obviously lots has changed over the years too).

Our day was finished off perfectly with Elodie having her photo taken holding a little owl and a visit to the gift shop to pick up some delicious Fudge Kitchen fudge.

Next time we visit, I might have to encourage a couple of friends to join us too, so that me and Robbie can enjoy some rides for ourselves, but I still really enjoyed my time there. If you're looking for somewhere to go for a family day out, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Not only are there rides and games galore... there's also a farm, shops, places to eat, ducks to feed and lovely scenery to enjoy while you eat a picnic, it's a great day out.

I vlogged a little bit of our day too, so if you would like to see what we got up to, check out my YouTube channel, the video should be up at some point this week.
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