Between the 23rd of June and the 6th of July, Wimbledon will come alive with the unmistakeable sound of The Championships being played. So why not join the thousands of people who'll be dying to see the action and head to Wimbledon this year? Not clued up on Wimbledon? Here are a few facts and figures for you: 

  • Wimbledon is set on 42,000 acres including the courts and even the car parks 
  • There are 19 championship grass courts, 22 grass practice courts, 8 American clay courts and 5 indoor courts 
  • There's room for 38,500 people to watch the Tennis at Wimbledon at any one time 
  • Centre Court is only used for the Championships and never used at any other time of the year 
  • There are five major trophies, including the Men's Singles Championship, Ladies Singles Championship, the Men's Doubles Championship, the Women's Doubles Championship and the Mixed Doubles Championship 
  • There are around 250 ball boys and girls at Wimbledon each year 
  • Wimbledon is the biggest catered sporting event in the whole of Europe, with 300,000 cups of tea and coffee made, 250,000 bottles of water, 200,000 glasses of Pimms, a massive 28,000kg of strawberries, 32,000 portions of fish and chips, 25,000 bottles of champagne and 7000 litres of cream being served. 
  • The huge quantity of strawberries are picked the day before they're served at Wimbledon at farms in the Kent countryside, before being served in a punnet of ten strawberries. Around 8615 punnets are served each day and the price has risen from £1.60 per punnet in 1990 to £2.50 in 2011 
  • Tickets for Wimbledon are obtained via a ballot. One for UK applicants and one for those based overseas. If you live in the UK you have to apply for a ballot number by the December before the event you wish to attend. You'll then be informed by the February if you've been successful. There is another way to obtain tickets to Wimbledon however. It's one of the very few sporting events in the UK that you can still buy tickets for on the day and you'll no doubt have seen the lines of people queuing for tickets on tv 

If you really are keen on watching the tennis this year, why not join those in the queue and see if you can get some tickets for yourself. It promises to be another great year with lots of famous players competing for the chance to go on to win one of the trophies.  

You will, of course, need to dress the part, and you'll find that dresses are always popular among the tennis set. They're cool, comfortable and above all fashionable, so why not take a look at the great dresses from George at ASDA and choose your perfect dress for this years tennis at Wimbledon. Team it with some ballet pumps, a cardigan or shawl, in case it gets a little chilly. Add a great bag, and you have the perfect outfit to watch the tennis in style.  

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