Saturday saw Capital FM's annual Summertime Ball concert, where all of the biggest stars in music gather to perform. As always with an event like this, I couldn't wait to see the outfits and let me tell you, there were plenty to talk about, but all for the wrong reasons!
Almost all of the outfits I saw get a big thumbs down from me, I thought I would show you the worst of the worst.
Cheryl Cole top of the worst dressed list? I'm a little shocked too, but it seemed as though Chezza had gone back to her roots dressing in what look like tracksuit bottoms with a sporty inspired tee and the strangest, most random shoes I have ever seen. I don't think the necklace compliments the outfit at all, and I really don't like how she is showing off her tiny waist, she looks too small to me. Lastly, just to get in one last dig (although I do love Cheryl), her hair looks lifeless and dated.
On paper, Jessie J's outfit should have been a winner... I'm all about the two pieces/coords at the moment, however I am really not a fan of this. Maybe it's the garish print, maybe it's the colours (it looks a bit 60's to me) I think the main problem for me is that there's too much of it, it needs a break in it somewhere, either a cropped top or a skirt or shorts on the bottom would have looked much better in my opinion. I don't mind the shoes though.
Rita Ora got it all kinds of wrong here, I do like a bit of fishnet on the arms, but this is just overkill. She unfortunately looks really trashy and a bit too try hard, especially with the medallion and the terrible shoes. It's a shame, because her hair and makeup are flawless.
It's been a while since I've liked a Miley Cyrus outfit... I don't even know what to say about this one, there are no words. Just no and why?!
Another outfit that has me lost for words is Ellie Goulding's choice. I do wonder if these kind of ensembles are the work of stylists or not... I actually hope not! The corset top and shorts look as though they are supposed to match, but they don't, the zips and the belt are really 90's and tacky, the pvc is just horrible, not flattering and a little cheap looking. The fact that she has so much flesh on show isn't the best look either, and then the shoes are just the ugliest things I've ever seen... even worse than Cheryl's! Maybe they were a bet?!
Lastly I've saved the only outfits I liked from the whole event, Little Mix looked lovely!! Perrie's outfit was my favourite (minus the shoes which I wasn't loving), but her hair and makeup were top notch too.
I love Jade's jacket and trouser set, it's such an effortless look and the crop top finishes it perfectly (Jessie J take note).
Leighann's statement trousers and top combo is so simple and chic, she looks beautiful. 
Finally Jessy is wearing my least favourite outfit of the four, but she still looks great, and to be fair she does have some tough competition - also, her hair is AMAZING!

What did you think of these outfits?
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