Say hello to the blush that has been adorning my cheeks on an almost daily basis for the past two months, now for me this already screams that it must be something pretty special, I'm quite fickle when it comes to makeup, so the fact that I have stuck with this one for so long must means it's a good 'un!

You may have already read or heard about me choosing to buy this over my long lusted after 'Well Dressed' simply because it caught my eye and I couldn't stop swatching, and I am so glad I chose to go with my gut instinct, I'm just sad it's a limited edition product that I won't be able to wear forever.

From the Fantasy of Flowers Spring 2014 collection, this is decried as a 'mid-tone cool pink' which has an amazing iridescent sheen when applied that gives such a beautiful highlight to the cheeks without being glittery or shimmery. As a massive bonus it is really highly pigmented too, and a little seems to always be enough. It blends out to give a really natural pop to the cheeks and can be built up to a really intense colour. It's really nice to find a cool toned pink that works well on my skin tone, as they sometimes don't sit very naturally for me. I have also worn this for a night out when I have fake tanned and it looks amazing on a darker skin tone too.

As with all of Mac's mineralise products, the finish on this is wonderful, it's soft and silky to apply and I find that it lasts a decent amount of time before wearing away (I usually just add another light dusting to my cheeks mid afternoon to keep it perfect until the end of the day).

Maybe next time I go to Mac I'll pick up Well Dressed, or maybe I'll be tempted by something else from a new collection! What is your go-to blush at the moment?
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