While talking to my friend at work today, she mentioned that she had never used dry shampoo before. After pretty much having to consciously close my mouth and pick myself up off the floor, I started telling her everything she is missing out on, which lead me to think just how much I love my Batiste.

I don't just use dry shampoo to freshen my hair, I also use it to add texture and volume to my roots - it really is a must have product in my almost everyday haircare routine.
I do remember the days when Batiste came in Original and original only... then they slowly started to release different scents, and now there are so many to choose from, there is definitely something for every taste, mood or occasion. I think I have tried them all except for the ones aimed towards blondes and redheads, so when it comes to choosing a favourite, it isn't easy. I have however, managed to cut it down to a top three, which just so happens to include their newest release!

In no particular order, first up is the Cherry Batiste. Kind of self explanatory, this smells like cherries; fresh and fruity which is just lovely for Summer and in gorgeous packaging. I find the scent from this one lingers in my hair for the longest of the three, which I really like, it's not over the top but a nice subtle scent which seems to last all day.

Next is the new Batiste which is a collaboration with Pixie Lott. This is another fruity one which has top notes of Bergamot and lemon mixed with cedar wood, musk and sandalwood, kind of hard to describe in a few words, it really is something you have to have a little sniff of yourself... it's not as sickly sweet and the cherry one but still girly and 'pretty' smelling. Pixie chose the scent and the design for the can herself and the marketing for this variety has been aimed towards festival goers for the upcoming season, and of course everyone knows if you're going to a festival, a can of Batiste is a must have in your bag!

The final one I had to give a mention to is Floral Batiste. Going by the name, I would have never really expected to like this one, but after picking it up just because it was new and I felt like I had to give it a try, I soon decided it was a new favourite. It does smell flowery and girly, but it is really delicate and subtle with a hint of orange and peach to give it a bit of a zing.

Batiste now make shine sprays, conditioning mists and volumising powders as well as their dry shampoos. I definitely want to give the conditioning mist a try next!
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