When people think of the casino visions of glitz and glamour come to mind, why: simply because all casinos are indulgent and in the uppermost echelons of opulence. They are a venue for high fashion, high-rolling and all other things grandeur but what people often overlook is that they also make for unbelievable vacation destinations. 
In a nutshell, casinos are the ultimate holiday resort and arguably the best value for money trip you can undertake.  
Let us start with the amenities offered at such resorts. For example, Sun City in South Africa, has two golf courses, nightclubs, waterpark, a theatre and restaurants (that is the norm for most resorts), but its storm de force is the fact that it is located next to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. As a result, baboons walk the street and crocodiles call the water features on the golf course home – which is pretty cool. If that has piqued your interest then click here for more expert analysis of South African online casinos as well as land-based resortsWhere else can offer the eclectic mix of safari, golf, waterpark, casino and theatre? 

Sun City is just one strand of entertainment resorts. You think casino and you immediately think Las Vegas, the two are synonymous. What Sin City lacks in natural beauty it compensates for in sheer talent. Adding to that exclusive nature of Vegas is that once a performer is there, they rarely leave, such as world renowned magician David Copperfield, who has been on the Strip for quite some time. It is also currently the home of Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and Guns N’ Roses, making it one of the most highly concentrated areas in the world in regards to prestigious talent. It isn’t just Vegas that attracts the top talent, every large casino resort has some of the best entertainers in the world, which, more often than not, are extremely reasonably priced. So not only do casino resorts offer some of the world’s finest performers, on a daily basis, but they permit people to watch them for prices deemed unfathomable in other forums and arenas.  
Then there is the gastronomy. For those lovers of haute cuisine then casino resorts offer some of the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants. Alain Ducasse, widely regarded as the greatest chef of the past 100 years, has his flagship Le Louis XV in the Hotel de Paris, in Monte Carlo casino. While considering the affluence of Vegas more and more acclaimed chefs, including the incredible Joel Robuchon, are setting up shop there. Just like the entertainment, chefs want to come to casinos. It sounds ludicrous but some of the greatest gastronomic heavyweights are located within the confines of casinos. And again like the entertainers, this high concentration does just one thing: drive prices down. 
There is the idea of everything under one roof, and casinos certainly adhere to that message. The diversity of any resort is simply dumb-founding and more than enough to keep you and your family occupied regardless of age. Casinos are the best type of crazy and their prices are simply jaw dropping.  
Casino resorts are much more than a decadent way to gamble, in fact, most of the time you won’t even be at the tables. For a fantastic, vacation, and one that will leave lasting memories, you should really look into casino resorts.  

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