Who really knows when we should start to use anti ageing products? I don't think anytime is too soon, and I've had an anti ageing cream that has been in my skincare routine for the past four or five years. Now that I'm steadily approaching 30 (good god!) I am taking the anti ageing a little more seriously. It definitely isn't a good feeling when you notice the wrinkles in your forehead becoming more prominent and the 'laughter lines' being visible when you're not laughing.

The newbie product to my skincare routine is this this Youth Intensifier Serum by Yves Rocher, a product which claims to restore skin radiance in one day, reduce wrinkles and refine skin texture in one week and make skin appear radiant with youth in one month.
I have been using this on a daily basis for the past two weeks, so I can only really comment on the first two points, but I will definitely say so far, so good!

The serum sinks into my face really quickly, and doesn't leave me feeling sticky or greasy at all. From the first application I noticed my skin feeling nourished and softer to the touch. I do suffer from quite dull skin at times, and since using this I haven't really had any complaints in that area, it seems to create a glow from beneath the skin. I'm not going to fully claim that my wrinkles have been reduced since using this, even though it says that this happens after a week, I do find it quite hard to measure. What I will say is that I am finding my makeup goes on smoother, which does mean my wrinkles don't stand out as much. Wether this is due to the fact that they are becoming reduced from the use of this serum, or wether the serum just creates a better base for my makeup, I don't know... but either way I'm happy.

I'm definitely going to try some more products from Yves Rocher now that I've given this one a go. I love the fact that they are completely cruelty free, never use endangered plants in their products and they only use palm oil sustainable by the RSPO. Everything is plant based and natural which back up my beliefs that there is really no need to use products full of chemicals or that have been tested on animals, and due to my sensitive skin, I am much happier experimenting with natural products.

Are there any products from Yves Rocher you would recommend I try next?
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