Last weekend I visited London with Ray for IMATS and all of our spare time in the capital was spent eating and shopping!
On the first night, I chose the place to eat and the second day was Ray's choice, and oh what a good choice she made! It was a no brainer that we would eat somewhere that served meat, or more specifically burgers, and we went to Five Guys in Covent Garden.

If you've never heard of Five Guys, it originated in Washington DC in 1986 and spread across the US like wildfire with over 1500 locations around the country, the Covent Garden restaurant was the first to open in the UK last year. It's basically a really good burger and fries joint... described as 'heaven in a brown paper bag', it's definitely not one to be missed. On the menu there are burgers galore with endless free toppings plus hot dogs and veggie options and the home-made fries which are cooked in pure peanut oil - delicious!

It's such a great atmosphere, with brilliant service. The place is decked out like an American Diner, with a fully open plan kitchen so while I was waiting for my food to be made I found myself entertained and mesmerised at the conveyor belt style preparation of the food. I think the only thing lacking or the only thing I could say wasn't great about Five Guys is the fact that even when you're sitting in, you're still given your burger wrapped in foil and presented to you in a brown paper bag much like a takeaway. However I'm sure some would argue that this adds to the originality of Five Guys, so it's really not anything to grumble over.

Although I did feel a little spoilt for choice when browsing the menu, I opted for the bacon burger with added mayonnaise and little fries which was the biggest small portion of fries I have ever seen in my life, how anyone could eat a bigger portion, I really don't know! I also got myself a soft drink, which you dispense yourself from the best drinks machine ever, not only was it touchscreen, it had endless choices of the most amazing drinks (over 100 to choose from)... I found myself sampling strawberry, peach and grape Fanta (grape was THE BEST!) I would literally go back there just for the drinks!

The burger itself was delicious, made up of two freshly made and cooked to perfection prime beef burgers, crispy bacon and a sesame seed bun. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to eat it all, but that's purely because I'm a lightweight when it comes to food and an hour after leaving I was wishing I'd brought the bits I hadn't managed to eat away with me! I'll remember that for next time.

Have you eaten at Five Guys before?

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