I'm such a pale girl, so fake tan is a must for me when I want to get my legs or arms out. I've used Lauren's Way Tan for a good few years now and I'm always impressed by the colour it gives me, so when I heard about the new release; Solution 60 a tan which comes in mousse or liquid formula that fully develops in 60 minutes, I just had to give it a try.
I've used fake tan on and off for years and years now, and I've tried loads of brands so I feel like I can give a really informed opinion on how good or not so good a certain tan is.

Lauren's Way is a brand of beauty products and accessories created by Lauren Goodger, one of the original (and best) TOWIE cast members. It started off as just a fake tan brand and has grown massively over just a couple of years... there's now eyelashes, hair extensions and hair rollers too! Trust me when I say that this is one of the best tanning brands I have ever used, please don't be put off by the celebrity branding.

This tan applies tinted so you can see where you've been with it and where is still left to tan, and when using a tanning mitt it blends perfectly to give an even, streak free finish. It sinks into the skin and dries almost instantly without leaving a horrible 'tan' smell behind (you know the one).

The first time I used this, I actually left the house as soon as I was dry and the tan really does give instant colour, so if waiting for tan to develop is something which annoys you, then this is ideal and even better, it's not a mucky brown colour it looks like a real holiday tan!
You also have the ability to control how dark the colour of the tan develops to. When I wear it for the daytime, I shower after giving the tan an hour to develop which leaves a natural golden tan, and when I want a deeper tan I let it develop for three hours before showering which leaves me still looking natural but very bronzed.

You can buy the Solution 60 Mousse direct from the Lauren's Way website here for only £19.95 and if you're not a fan of tanning mousse you can buy the spray version here.
If you fancy treating yourself you can save 20% by using the discount code LWBLOG99

To see me wearing this tan check out this post where I had left it to develop for an hour and this post where it had almost three hours to develop.
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