When these nail polishes from Nails Inc landed in my letter box, I couldn't believe my luck... a surprise parcel is always the best kind, and this one definitely didn't disappoint. 
As far as nail polishes go, I'm verging on being an expert... I have over 100 bottles of polish from too many brands for me to mention, and Nails Inc are definitely up there as one of the very best. The quality of the polish is always excellent, the brushes are smooth and apply the polish perfectly to the nail. With almost every one of their polishes I own I find two coats is easily enough, drying time is pretty speedy and they last a while without chipping... all the benefits of a higher end polish.
First up, a 'latex effect' polish, which is a texture I am completely new to. The finish of the polish is quite matte, and this colour in particular requires two coats to achieve the effect shown in the swatch above. It applies really smoothly and dries to give the waxy/rubbery look which is what makes this so unique. From a distance this could be any old polish, but close up it really is something special, and I think it looks quite expensive just because it's so different to anything I've used before. This colour in particular is a dusky pink shade, perfect for Spring/Summer. 
This is the polish which excited me the most when I opened the parcel. It is an almost clear polish (there is a slight tinge of pink to it) which is jam packed full of tiny white particles and little flowers in red, pink and white made from matte glitter. This really is an eye-catching polish which looks great worn alone (as shown in the swatches above) or on top of another colour. To achieve the effect above I applied two coats, and don't worry, there's no need to fish around in the bottle for the flowers, they come out with almost every dip. I'm attending a wedding next weekend, and it's a no brainer that this will be the perfect polish for the day.
Last and by no means least is this Special Effects polish which is another glittery one which can be used on top of another polish or built up to achieve a full nail of sparkle. On the swatch above, I applied two coats which just proves how full of bits this polish really is! There are tiny particles of blue and green glitter, small and large particles of matte white glitter and large particles of three shades of metallic blue - it really is beautiful.
The Garden Party range is inspired by the English Countryside and colours from the catwalk and are perfect for Summer statement nails. I'll be wearing mine on it's own on my ring finger or on top of a white polish as a topcoat.

Which polish is your favourite? I'm struggling to decide!
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