Suit: Dorothy Perkins (Blazer / Trousers direct links)
T-Shirt: She Likes
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Primark

I love this photo location, if only I could track to London everyday and have someone on hand to shoot my outfits!

So this is what I wore to IMATS, which feels like it was only a few days ago, but was actually ten days ago, it's so crazy how time flies. 
I'd been eyeing this blazer up on the Dorothy Perkins website, and as soon as I saw it in real life, I knew it had to be mine. The colour is the perfect powdery, cornflower blue shade and with the sleeves rolled up a little to show the white lining and it's easy to wear slouchy yet smart appearance it's pretty perfect. 
Of course as soon as I realised there were matching bottoms to wear with the jacket and mainly due to my obsession with two pieces/coords (whatever you prefer to call them) I had to get them too and even better, and much to my bank balances relief, the trousers were in the sale. Looking back at these photos, I realise the trousers are a little long for little old me, but I do kind of like the long, loose look. I am contemplating getting an inch or so turned up on them though... I'll have to experiment with some different shoes before I make my descision.

I played it safe with a striped tee to compliment the suit and give the look a bit of a casual vibe and then added a subtle blingy necklace to bring it all together.
If you're eyeing up the suit, it also comes with shorts, which I also bought... oops! The thing is though, and the way I justify it to myself is that it is a completely versatile set of clothes, I can wear them together in different ways, I can wear them all individually, I can dress each piece up or down... it's win/win really!

I'll hopefully get round to blogging about the day at IMATS in the next few days and I also have a vlog to upload to my YouTube channel... it was a brilliant day, I'm already looking forward to next year!
Thanks to Ray for snapping these pics.
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