Dress: Mango
Kimono: Fashion Union
Sandals: Primark
Rings: Born Pretty Store (direct link)
Sunglasses: Missguided

I feel like such a hippie chick in this kimono, it just screams 70's vintage to me. I have worn it in so many ways already, I only have a couple of kimonos, but they're just so handy to throw on over a dress or a little top and shorts. The simple monochrome look is (as always) my favourite with this one, so I teamed it with my bargain dress from Mango. I love how both pieces have lace panelling, it really makes them compliment each other.

I've been wearing my River Island lookalike sandals from Primark loads over the past couple of weeks, they're so comfy and look so much more expensive than they actually were. I think the chunkiness (if that's a word) of the shoes work really well with the more delicate clothes - I do like a contrast, wether it's a pattern clash, different textures or something like this.

Did you notice I have a bit of a tan going on in these pictures? No, I haven't been braving the sun, I've been using the new tan from Lauren's Way, it develops in 60 minutes and it's so natural - I love it.

Sorry for the moody look on my face in the majority of these pictures too by the way, even though the windy weather was refreshing in the heat it was clearly annoying me while trying to snap these pictures haha! I'll make a mental note to smile through the annoyance next time!
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