Couldn't resist entitling this post 'The Little Mermaid Jumpsuit', it was the first thing that popped into my head when I tried it on and it really does make me feel all princess-like. The colour is so stunning and the fit is wonderful... I need more excuses to wear it! I definitely have my outfit for ladies day at the races next month sorted, that's for sure!

Unfortunately I'm not very blessed in the height stakes, so I may need to get this taken up slightly, or wear it with a heel, but I actually like that it's really long... it adds a bit of glamour to the look, which I think I can get away with as long as it's not raining. I think the massive statement necklace compliments it perfectly too, the colours, the style and the size and shape of it is perfect for protecting my dignity!

How would you style this jumpsuit? I need inspiration so I can get more wear out of it!
Screen Shot 2012 09 18 at 20 20 07