A few weeks ago Time4Sleep asked me to take part in their #sleepingbeauty challenge... I was reading that the average adult needs 7-8 house sleep per night, which made me think more about how much sleep I actually get. On a weekday I set my alarm for anytime between 5:45am and 6:30am depending on what time I need to get to work and on a day off I don't set an alarm but usually wake up around 8:30am with Elodie. When it comes to bed time I usually can't sleep before 10:30pm, mainly because of the light nights at the moment, and even when I've had a super early morning and been tired for the start of the day, I still don't manage to get an early night. Most nights I find myself falling asleep around 11:30pm.
On average this means I am getting seven hours sleep per night, which is the minimum requirement for the 'average adult', now don't ask me how they define an average adult but I'm going to stick with 7-8 hours as a rule. 

I have consciously tried not to use my phone or the laptop right before I go to bed, as I know this increases brain activity and can make it harder to fall asleep. Instead I have been reading a book or having a shower using lavender based products to chill me out a bit before I get into bed, which I have found is helping. I can't even tell you how many times I have laid in bed for hours scrolling through Twitter and Instagram when I should have been asleep! If only I could say I never do this... I'm not going to lie, I do find myself blogging until the early hours some nights and checking my Twitter feed as a last minute job, but it sometimes can't be helped. I work 40 hours plus per week, then I have Elodie to look after, I have FABB Events to run and my blog, so sometimes it's just a case of things getting done whenever I can squeeze them in. 
On the mornings when I haven't had enough sleep, I love to give my eyes a boost and a brighten with the Dr Organic Aloe Vera Eye Gel. This is an organic product which is perfect for me and my sensitive eyes, I just apply a few tiny dots with my little finger under my eyes before applying any makeup. The best thing about it is just how cool it is on the skin, it instantly makes my eyes feel like they're waking up, it's so refreshing! It also calms down any puffiness or redness around the eyes and claims to be anti-ageing too, which is always a bonus. I only use the smallest amount which sinks into the skin pretty much instantly, which is ideal for when I'm rushing to get ready for work.
 Covering up the dark under eye circles is a must each morning, and I've found myself constantly reaching for my Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer. I am a bit fickle when it comes to concealers, and I'm constantly changing the ones I use, but this is definitely a favourite... I love the Healthy Mix foundations too, they're perfect for anyone with dry skin like mine. The concealer is also really moisturing and applies to the skin so smoothly and evenly. It covers the bags and dark circles, brightens my under eye area and It smells amazing!
On really tired days, if I have plans for the evening I will always put on some false eyelashes, just to make me look more awake even if I'm not feeling it! I do have a few friends who reach for these on a daily basis, but I'm a bit too lazy for that, Id rather have the extra two minutes in bed! 
These lashes from Eyelure are the ideal style if you don't want it to be too obvious that you're wearing falsies. They simply widen the eyes and add volume to the lashes in a light and fluttery way. 

What do you do to make yourself appear more awake?
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