Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite shops at the moment, and it drives me mad that I don't live near a store. Whenever I'm in Newcastle or London I love nothing more than having a peruse through all of the beautiful jewellery and the quirky home wear section and rarely leave the shop empty handed... it's just too tempting!
Of course when I'm not near one of the shops, I still find myself 'window shopping' online and last night I ended up creating a little wish list for myself. As much as I love the clothes (there is a floral dress and a lace top in there at the moment I am desperate for), I made myself stuck to the accessories, at least until payday...

I seem to have lost all of my sunglasses except for the pair I bought in Primark a few weeks ago, and I do think it's good to have a few pairs to choose from to match with your outfit. This pair with the cut out cat eye shape are gorgeous. They're the perfect mixture of classic (the large shape) and modern (with the cut out design and faded lenses). As they're black, they will go with anything, and I always find that big sunglasses really suit my face shape.

As far as sandals go, I really don't need any more but these are just so dreamy, they had to be on the list. Unfortunately they have sold out in my size, but I am secretly hoping they'll come back in stock by the time I get paid. I love that they have holes in but only have a peep toe (I don't really like it when my toes are fully out) and the fact that they have a full back in them means they'll be so much comfier than any stroppy sandals. Oh and blue is my favourite colour!

Who would have thought I'd be wanting a scrunchie?! I remember throwing away so many of these back in the 90's when I was 'too cool for a scrunchie'... If only I'd known! I love wearing my hair in a big messy ponytail or piled up on top of my head, so really I need one of these.

Another thing I definitely have plenty of is nail polishes... I have way too many, but look at how amazing this colour is! It's described as a 'glittering blue' but it looks really iridescent and packed with colour, it reminds me of a mermaid's tail. This would look great on one nail as a statement, or on all the nails for a night out.

I love the retro style lip balm in a tin, the squirrel design is so quirky, and unlike anything I've seen before on beauty packaging... this would be something I would be proud to pull out of my handbag and apply on the bus! I think I might get a few of these to put away for presents, it's always handy to have something put away.

Finally, the cat coin purse... do I need to explain why I need this?! It's just so cute, and it's big enough to fit bank cards in, which is the one problem I have with my current coin purse. If you're not a fan of black, or prefer something a little different, it also comes in hot pink and metallic gold. I think this is a definite addition to my next order.

What are you lusting after from UO at the moment?
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