Whiter teeth are something I have always strived for, and although I look after my teeth really well I have never had the whitest of white teeth, don't get me wrong, they're not exactly horrible but there's always room for improvement, right?!
I've tried plenty of whitening toothpastes and whitening strips in the past, but I am a little wary about what I use on my teeth... I worry about them becoming sensitive or getting damaged from using different products on them.

For the past month, I have been using a new toothpaste and toothbrush from a company called Whitewash Laboratories who are a provider of teeth whitening and oral care products. All of their products have been developed with the help of the countries leading dentists and they're based up in my neck of the woods in Middlesbrough, which makes me want to love their products even more!

First up I want to tell you about the Sonic Whitening Toothbrush which I really love using. It's been a lot of years since I had an electric toothbrush so it took a little bit of getting used to for the first couple of days... the beauty about this brush is that it does all of the hard work for you. Every other electric toothbrush I have used in the past haven't really applied much pressure, and you kind of have to do that for yourself, but with this it feels really powerful and you don't have the urge to scrub.
There are three settings to choose between; Clean, Whiten & Massage, each of which have a different vibration sensation and speed and not only does the brush 'clean', it helps to remove stains from your teeth.
One of my favourite features of the brush is that it is set on a two minute timer so you know that you are giving your teeth enough brush time each day, but even better, it's also set on a 30 second interval timer so that you can be assured you're cleaning all of your teeth equally as much. I have to admit I have got into the habit of using the massage setting for a little bit longer because it's just so great!

The toothpaste itself is a Remineralising Whitening Toothpaste which unimportantly has a really cool pump end which you press to dispense the paste (it might not be important but I love quirky little design features like that!)
One of the main features of this is that it helps to prevent sensitivity, which instantly drew me in, as one of my worries about using whitening products is that I might make my teeth more sensitive. It also contains hydroxyapatite which helps to build and maintain tooth enamel. It whitens teeth at the same time as refreshing the entire mouth, freshening breath and leaving the teeth feeling really clean and shiny.
I love a toothpaste that gives teeth that 'slippy' clean feeling which means I'm constantly running my tongue across my teeth and this really does do that after the first use. I was actually quite surprised at this as all of the other whitening toothpastes I've used in the past have been quite chalky or powdery - this is a million times better! It also has a lovely minty taste which isn't too strong and overpowering but actually really pleasant, whereas other whitening products I've used haven't really tasted of much.

I'm really excited to keep using these products and see an improvement in the whiteness of my teeth... I've already noticed that my teeth appear much shinier. All in all it's a big thumbs up from me for these so far, and I will keep you updated on how I get on as I continue to use them.

If you're thinking of treating yourself, the brush comes with two extra heads, so you can share it with your family, which makes the cost per use much less... It's also on promotion at the moment so it's the perfect time to snap one up!
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