I think I've spoken on here before about my little obsession with high end jewellery. I own plenty of costume jewellery, and love every piece, but there's a little part of me that longs for one super piece of jewellery... a real statement piece that I can wear over and over again and feel proud to wear.
The trouble is, I'm a little too fickle, and I can't ever set my mind on one thing that I really want.

If I was to make the commitment and splash out on a piece of expensive jewellery, I would have to be 100% sure and happy about the piece I was buying. I'm the same when it comes to handbags and shoes... I just daren't make the purchase because I keep changing my mind!

One day I hope to find the piece that really jumps out at me, and I'm hoping it will be love at first sight and I will know that I've found 'the one'. Until then, I will continue to browse jewellery websites admiring the rings, necklaces and bracelets to my heart's content.
While spending some time on the George Pragnell jewellers site, I found some really unique pieces of antique jewellery, something which I had never really considered investing in, but now I'm thinking maybe it is the way to go... there are some really classic pieces of jewellery and some more quirky pieces, the list is pretty endless.

Do you have a dream item you long to own and show off proudly one day?
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