Are you a fan of Come Dine with Me on Channel 4? If you are, you’ll notice that hosts will always go down well when they incorporate a theme into their evening, asking guests to dress up to suit the theme perfectly. While some guests will be party poopers and turn up in their normal attire, others will get into the spirit of the evening by doing exactly as the invite asks. Fancy dress dinner parties don’t stop at reality TV shows either; what’s stopping you from theming your next dinner party and asking for your guests to dress to impress? Most people will have something knocking around that would suit your chosen theme well enough anyway (even if they do need to use an element of artistic license), and if you do need to invest in a costume, George’s fancy dress range is a great example of outfits that are great quality, but completely affordable.  

If you do decide to host a fancy dress dinner party, make sure that you inform your guests of your plans as soon as possible, so that they have plenty of time to decide on, and organise, their outfit. Piecing a costume together isn’t always easy, especially if you’re planning to go the extra mile and make it really special; it takes time! 

Don’t just stop at asking your guests to dress up, either. Obviously, you need to practice what you preach and dress up too, but you could also adapt your dinner setting to suit your chosen theme. Whether it’s popping some apt music on the iPod to play in the background, or adding some d├ęcor to match your chosen theme, there are plenty of ways in which you can ensure that your dinner party is as themed as your guests are. Perhaps you’re planning a 1920s dinner party, and you’re hoping your guests come adorned in flapper dresses and holding cigarette holders. Add some mood music to create a 1920s ambience that will help your party to pop.  

Create a menu that suits your theme, too! There’s no point asking your guests to dress in ponchos, exaggerated moustaches and sombreros if your menu is anything but Mexican! Similarly, if you’re planning on some sort of medieval banquet, inviting your guests to come dressed as jesters and wenches, your menu shouldn’t include food that involves modern gastronomy. Simple, hearty food will be the key.  

What theme you choose is completely up to you. From the off-the-wall to the simple and safe, the theme you opt for will hopefully reflect who you are as a person. Perhaps you are an extrovert, who fancies doing something completely wacky, or you’d like your dinner party to have an air of elegance about it and wish for a black tie event – it’s your call.  

Whatever fancy dress you decide on, make your meal a night to remember; although maybe not, else you’ll be expected to host a similarly successful night over and over again!
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