Top: Internacionale
Shorts: Internacionale
Sandals: Matalan
Sunglasses: Matalan

Chiara Fashion challenged me to style a kimono three ways and sent me this beautiful brightly coloured kimono with black tasseled edging to play with... isn't it gorgeous?! Best of all it's now only £5.95, talk about the bargain of the year! 
This is the first look that I have styled using the kimono... the next two outfits will follow in a couple of days. 

I decided that my first look would be completely black with the bright colours making the kimono the statement piece of the outfit. This has a slight holiday/festival vibe to it and I kept it quite casual with my sliders (which I got to choose for one of my prizes in a big competition I won with Grazia & Matalan - yey!)
The colours on the kimono and the print itself is quite girly so I really like the contrast between this and the leather shorts and mesh insert top which are much edgier in comparison. 

My cute little bag has become my go-to bag since I received it a couple of weeks ago, its the perfect size to fit my purse, phone and a few little bits but not big enough to encourage me to carry around a load of rubbish that I don't need, it has lots of little compartments which is something I always look for in a bag, and because it's black it just goes with everything!

My tan is courtesy of the amazing Anovia Love The Tan, the most moisturising tan I've ever used. I promise to write up a full review on this one really soon.

I can't wait to show you the other ways I've styled this, all the pictures are taken, I just thought I'd spread the look's out a little bit. Send me some links to posts where you have styled kimonos.
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