I missed my monthly favourites post last month because I hadn't really been using anything new other than a shampoo and a body spray and thought a two product favourites post would be a little pointless. Instead I decided to wait until the end of August and combine a two month beauty favourites post.

Firstly I want to talk about a new shampoo; Loreal Hair Expertise Everstrong, which is from a range that I have been thinking about buying for a while but I've been waiting for it to go on offer in Boots. I am a little fickle with shampoos and find myself trying new ones all the time, I do just tend to buy whats on offer at the time. There are a few shampoos that I really love, but unless they're on offer I don't buy them! 
This is one which I may just have to stock up on while it is on offer because I just love it so much. It's made to strengthen hair, to give body to hair and for fine, flat hair and a delicate scalp... this ticks quite a few boxes for my hair which is what sold it to me. It leaves my hair very soft and shiny, it definitely adds volume and it makes my hair feel and look very healthy. There's something about it that reminds me of the feeling when I've had my hair done in a salon... I find it hard to describe, I wish you could all feel my hair and you would know what I mean! I also love the packaging, it's like a foil tube which is really nice to hold (I know this makes no difference, but as I studied graphic design it definitely gets a thumbs up from me!)

On my nails for the majority of the past two months has been Barry M Gelly nail polish in various colours. I blogged not long ago showing you my full (and ever growing) collection but my favourites are Prickly Pear (lilac) and Coconut (off white). The consistency of these polishes is almost perfect, it's glossy, applies really smoothly and gives a great colour payoff in one or two coats. I also find it lasts so much longer on the nails than the regular Barry M polishes, I just love them!
I had never used a lip crayon before, until I received this one from Models Co. I'd never even considered using a lip crayon that wasn't red, I guess I was a little naive to the benefits of one... I'm glad I gave this one a whirl though, it's great! It's really soft to apply to the lips, it contains beeswax so it nourishes the lips too. The natural/nude colour enhances my real lip shape, giving the illusion of bigger, perfect lips which means the perfect base for applying lipstick on top of. I've worn it with and without lippie, and will continue to experiment with it... I'm loving it so far!

Something I have wanted for ages is the Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist. It's a vanilla and coconut scented body mist which just smells amazing. If you haven't had a sniff of this, you need to! I've been wearing it every day for work, and the scent really does stick around. Although they are a little pricey, these sprays will last a long time and I think they're definitely worth treating yourself with. I don't live anywhere near a Victoria's Secret store, so when I was at Westfield, I just had to grab a bottle.
The blush I have been wearing pretty much every day for the past month is Mac's Azelia In The Afternoon which I blogged about here. I won't talk about it too much, as you can view my blog post about it to see swatches and it applied to the cheeks but it's just the most beautiful shimmery, highlighting pink shade. I'm really gutted this is limited edition, I need to find a dupe before I run out!

This summer I've been enjoying using fake tan to add a little colour to my skin, but I haven't been wanting to go as dark as I used to. I always lived by the rule go dark or go home, but I've been embracing my pale skin a little or just adding a little bit of bronze. I have found that I keep reaching for Anovia's Love The Tan Self Tan Moisturiser, it applies so easily and soaks into the skin really quick. I haven't had any problems with streaking or the tan going patchy, which I think it helped by the fact that this is a moisturiser as well as a tanner. Some fake tans can really dry out the skin, but this leaves me feeling silky smooth and nicely bronzed.
Why oh why have I waited so long to try the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks?! Why didn't you all Tweet me and tell me to go and buy them sooner?! They're amazing! I've been loving shade 04 Peach Club the most, but they're all stunning! The formula is so creamy and smooth and it moisturises the lips despite drying fairly matte. The best thing about these is the pigmentation and lasting power of these, they really do last for hours without a touch up. I'm definitely going to end up buying all of the range, and I hope they release even more colours soon.
It's no secret that Bourjois are my favourite high street/drugstore makeup brand at the moment, so it's no surprise I'm mentioning another of their products. The Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara has been one of my most used for the past couple of months, which surprises me because I am a self proclaimed mascara snob, drugstore mascaras don't usually impress me, but this one has. The wand is not too dissimilar to the Benefit They're Real one, and it really separates the lashes which helps to give a very volumised effect. The formula of the mascara is fairly glossy, very black (which I love) and waterproof, which is always an added bonus.

Don't forget to leave me your thoughts on these products in the comments and also leave links to your monthly favourite's posts.
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