It's no secret that I hate feet... in fact, I think a lot of people do, but when the weather is this hot the only option for feet is sandals so the feet have to come out.
I thought I would show you how I prepare my feet, to make them look the best that they possibly can, for days when I'm 'getting my toes out' aka wearing sandals.

The first step in my routine is to treat my feet to a Footner Exfoliating Sock experience, and it really is an experience! After wearing the socks on your feet for an hour while you're watching TV or painting your nails the magic begins... within a few days the peeling effect begins and all of the dead skin on your feet starts to peel off (now this may sound horrible, but it really is worth it!) once the peeling has finished (up to ten days later) you are left with baby soft skin allover your feet.

To keep on top of any dry skin I use the Soap & Glory Heel Genius which I apply every other night, I massage it into my feet and then sleep with little socks on to help the moisture really soak in. I love having my feet massaged, and this lotion is really cooling and refreshing after a hard days work... definitely a treat for the feet!

The final touch to the perfect Summer feet is freshly painted toe nails, I would never wear open toes sandals without a lick of paint on the tootsies! I like to go for something bright on my toes, my favourites at the moment are from Nails Inc.

If you follow these three easy steps, you'll be good to go with beautiful feet!
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