It doesn't even feel like five minutes ago that my little girl Elodie turned four, yet here I am writing that today is her fifth birthday! How do I have a five year old child? It doesn't even make sense to me how fast time is going, and although I am so happy it's her birthday, I actually find it quite sad that my little one is growing up so fast.

This year she has excelled in so many areas and she makes me the proudest parent ever. Not only has she 'graduated' from nursery and started 'big school' (making lots of new friends in the process), she is now going to ballet and tap class on a weekly basis, her reading and spelling are coming on leaps and bounds day by day and her personality just tops it all off - she is kind, funny and happy all of the time.

I was just talking the other day about being pregnant and how weird it feels to look back on it, there really isn't much that I remember. I began writing this blog when I was pregnant but didn't document any of my journey (and now I really wish I had!) The past five years have been surreal and a whirlwind of emotions, but thanks to Elodie they have been the best years of my life.

I know I don't share too much about Elodie on here, but I do like to document special days like this... maybe one day in years to come she will read it! 
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