I remember sitting down and writing this blog post to introduce you all to my tiny baby daughter when she was only 11 days old, and now here I am writing about her first day at primary school. If you have children you will understand and if you don't I assume you won't really get just how surreal it is to have your child start school. 
Where have the years gone?! Yes I've heard my parents say this about me as I've been growing up, but until you're on the parents side of the fence it just doesn't hit home properly. It only feels like yesterday I was sterilising bottles, changing nappies, watching her take her first steps, trying to catch her first words on camera... but here I am almost five years later with a grown up little lady who makes me so happy every day. Not only is she beautiful, she is clever, well behaved, polite and I am beyond proud to say that she is mine. 

Today was a day that I have been waiting for, counting down the days half with excitement and half with dread... 
We walked round and into the school gates to be greeted by her new teacher at the door, once inside we found her peg and hung up her backpack and coat (Elodie was really excited that her peg is blue 'Mammy's favourite colour') and then it was straight into the classroom to meet her new friends. Elodie had been to a different nursery to the majority of the children and only knew a couple of the boys, however she soon made herself at home and sat down on the carpet in front of another teacher where she voluntarily introduced herself and began chattering about all sorts! It's really strange how unlike me she is, I was the most timid child and cried my eyes out on my first day of school when my Mam walked away... Elodie didn't even look back when we left! I knew I would miss her as soon as I left her in the classroom but the feeling is one I didn't anticipate. I managed not to cry, although it was close and I did feel my eyes fill up a couple of times, but only due to the fact that I was so happy that she was so excited to be there. It just felt so strange not to have her with me, and the feeling of 'what to do now' was a strange one.

The time went pretty slowly and by 3pm I was ready to have my little girl back! She skipped out of the classroom to give me a cuddle with the biggest smile on her face, and although she had a little fall at playtime which resulted in a grazed knee and scuffed shoes, she had still had a wonderfully happy day and can't wait to go back tomorrow. I just hope the feeling continues for the next 11 years!

Thank you so much to House Of Fraser for supplying Elodie with her new school shoes.
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