You know that feeling you get when you wash your hair with a brand new shampoo for the first time? Well, I've found a shampoo and conditioner duo which give you that extra soft, extra clean feeling with every wash.

Faith In Nature is a vegan, organic and cruelty free brand, the latter of which is very close to my heart and it makes me very happy to say I've finally found a hair care routine which works for me where the products aren't tested on animals.
They are a British brand based not too far from where I live, in the Lake District and their range doesn't stop at haircare... they make body products, skincare, baby products and even cleaning products for the home - so there really isn't any excuse for not using cruelty free products in all areas of your lifestyle!

The main ingredients of this shampoo and conditioner are pomegranate and rooibos which are both antioxidants that are packed with nutrients that really cleanse the hair. From my very first use of this duo I noticed my hair felt softer, appeared glossier and was easier to style... the annoying fly-away ends have minimised and the conditioner leaves a wonderfully fruity scent to my hair.
The products themselves are really thin and quite watery, but a little goes a long way and I get a really good lather going with just a small amount of shampoo. To achieve maximum benefit from the conditioner I leave it on the ends of my hair for around five minutes while showering.

I can't wait to try some more products for this range!
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