When I started my blog just over five years ago I didn't imagine that I would make real life genuine friends from the blogging community. Infact, if you had told me that I would make online friends, I would have been a little taken aback! 

I was asked by the people at Chisolm Hunter to share a blog post about a friend I'd made through blogging, and although I've made a big handful of friends thanks to my blog, it just had to be Ray didn't it?!

Ray blogs over at Oh Who Is She and she is the other face behind FABB Events.
It's very rare that a day goes by where I don't speak to Ray, wether it's a quick Snapchat, a text or a call. We first got talking when we realised we lived pretty close to each other, which is rare when you're a Northern blogger and soon we were planning bloggers events around the North.
Fast forward three years and we now run FABB Events all over the UK, which is always a great excuse for a weekend away for us and also a way which we like to try and encourage bloggers to make friends with other bloggers from their local area just like we did. We also take trips to London each Summer for IMATS and a bit of retail therapy and have monthly trips to Nandos and our local Benefit Brow Bar!

I hear people say that the best thing about blogging is the community, and I really believe this is true. If it wasn't for my blog I would have never met Ray, or any of the other girls I now class as real friends.

Have you made friends through your blog?
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