Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Marc Jacobs released his signature Daisy scent over seven years ago now, and his line of perfumes have become quite iconic in the beauty world. Every time a new fragrance is released the hype and the build up is massive and the latest release has been even more popular than the last.
When it comes to perfumes I tend to stick to what I know and love; vanilla and coconut are my go-to scents, which brings me to say that I have never tried any fragrances from Marc Jacobs before... shock horror I know, slap my hand for being a bad blogger! I have always wanted to try them, and I've read plenty about them all but I'm kind of glad I hadn't tried any in the past, because now I have Daisy Dream and I love it... so maybe I've just waited for the best?!

From an aesthetics point of view, the bottle is really beautiful; I love the daisy overlay, the cute rounded bottle with the mirrored lid and the fact that the perfume itself is tinted a baby blue shade just adds to the whole cutesy image... I'll definitely be keeping this bottle on my dressing table even when the perfume has ran out!

Aside from how this looks, it also smells amazing, it's a very fresh, light, floral scent which is perfect for a daytime spritz and I've been wearing this continually for the past few weeks. Much to my taste, this does have a hint of coconut in there alongside notes of jasmine, blue wisteria and pear - even if you haven't given this a sniff, from those ingredients alone I think it is clear just how lovely this smells.
I find that it lasts a good few hours before having to reapply, and even though it's subtle, people can still smell this on me as I've had a few people at work asking what I'm wearing. 

I will most definitely be repurchasing this and I think I've probably started an obsession with Marc Jacobs... I want to try the Honey perfume next!
Fragrance Direct currently have Daisy Dream, the body lotion and the shower gel on offer if you want to treat yourself. 
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