Some like the excitement of constantly updating their look in line with current trends, whether it’s related to shoes, clothes or accessories. Others find a style that they really like and keep that preference in mind almost every time they shop.

When it comes to fashion and jewellery, women definitely enjoy the prerogative to change.  Perhaps you’ve never defined your ‘style’ because you’ve never really thought about it.  Here’s how to get your mind jogging and start pinpointing your jewellery preferences.
We are all truly unique in many ways and your style preferences run much deeper than the name on a label, although our choice of jewellery can certainly help us to find our own timeless style that we feel completely comfortable wearing. To pinpoint your particular jewellery style, here are three key questions you need to ask yourself.

1.  What Are You Wearing?
 What are you wearing right now?  Why did you choose that particular shirt, skirt, pants, jeans, hoop earrings, leather jacket, mommy jewellery piece, etc?  What you’re wearing now says a lot about your hidden jewellery ‘style.’  Current pieces could have been gifts or chosen due to colour coordination. Take a few moments to check out what you already have and try to remember why you wanted or bought that piece of jewellery in the first place.

Reflect on your history regarding clothing preferences, starting back from when you were a teen.  Back then, you may have selected brand names or styles that many of your peers thought were cool. Were you heavily influenced by that era, or by the opinions of others? Have you changed preferences since then or have you maintained a steady style?

2.  Do You Prefer Particular Compositions?
 Take a look at your existing jewellery buys and preferences.  Do you like pieces because of a particular type of metal, such as rose gold?  Perhaps you prefer leather, wood, and beads due to their respective shape and texture?

Ostensibly, some believe they like a piece because of particular features, yet when asking ‘why,’ they begin to dissect the purchase and find exact reasons for being drawn to a piece.  It may be due to an oblong or asymmetric shape, an unusual color combination, or maybe its use of a mix of materials (feathers, wood, metal, etc). The use of metal in particular, in handwriting jewellery and hand-stamped jewellery for example, appeals universally across a range of styles due to its versatility.

Particular styles are associated with certain shapes, metals, etc.  For example, a ‘Rock Chick’ is symbolized by the use of leather, chromed metal, zippers, and darker shades.  You don’t have to pledge allegiance to a particular group or agenda because you like jewellery.  Your jewellery choice can lean towards punk for example, without having to have the outlook or opinions that might go with that genre.

3.  What Catches Your Eye?
 Hair stylists and barbers place picture books in waiting areas, so their customers get some inspiration and ideas about the cuts they prefer and looks that they like.
Browse through magazines, search online jewellery sites and take note of styles of friends and family members.  Pay attention to recurring themes like colors, materials, shapes and other characteristics.  Perhaps you like a necklace with actual hand writing due to its uniqueness and personalized options.

Your style preferences don’t always have to match your attitude and outlook and you might even want to be ironic in your choice.
You can use jewellery to help create a certain look or simply wear what you are comfortable with and feels right for the occasion.

Regardless of whether you are into vintage or modern influences, what’s most important is defining what appeals to you and just enjoying wearing it without any hang-ups.

Knowing what elements you love and those you don’t care for helps define your personal style and preferences.  Remember, you don’t have to be persuaded by media labels, onlookers, and ‘what’s in’ at the moment.  Once you define your style the result remains timeless.

Beth Philbin is a working mom with a penchant for jewellery fashions. When not braiding hair or washing grass stains out of jeans, she enjoys blogging about modern fashion for today's moms.
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