I was challenged by Best British Bloggers to post about my must have products that I would pack for a weekend away and they sent me this lovely Antler backpack with a few goodies to get me started. I decided to theme my post towards camping and festivals, and what I would pack in my backpack to take away with me.

The products supplied to me by BBB were;
Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser - a must have for any festival or weekend away in the great outdoors. This just makes life so much easier, you simply spray the moisturiser onto your body, give it a quick rub in and you're good to go. I'd rather moisturise this way than bring out my tub of cream in the middle of a field!
Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes - although I try my best not to use face wipes, at a festival there really is no better choice and for a once in a while thing, they're really not that bad. I always find Simple Skincare products to be really gentle and kind to my sensitive skin and these wipes really do remove every trace of makeup (including my mascara).
Palmers Cocoa Butter - if I was camping I'd definitely feel the need to top up my hand cream on a fairly regular basis. When you're constantly washing your hands with cold water it makes them much drier than normal so moisturising is a must.

Everything else are bits I added to the backpack for a weekend away myself.

Halo Deoderant Wipes were the first things I thought would just HAVE to go into my backpack for a weekend at a festival. They are the best little invention ever for a simple and easy way to freshen up, the little packet it perfect for popping into your backpack.
The next thing on the list that I had to include was dry shampoo! Girlz Only is a brand I was introduced to through FABB Events and I really love their products. They smell lovely and work wonders at giving the hair a quick refresh and boost to the roots.
Anovia BB Cream is an ideal base for a festival or weekend away, when you don't want to go to too much effort with your makeup but don't want to be completely bare faced. This BB cream is really high coverage in comparison to others I have used and it gives the skin a lovely glow.
Liz Earle Lipstick ' Hibiscus' would be great to wear for a bit of a bright lip to contrast the simple base. I always think that a full face of makeup isn't necessary when camping but if you want to feel glommed up a little, a red lip would be just what you need and this would definitely be my red of choice.
Last up is something I would never forget to pack, my Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion. You never know when the sun is going to make an appearance in the UK, but I always think it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. I'm really sensitive, and I burn quite easily so this is probably the most important of the lot!

What are your must-have's for a weekend's camping?!
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