As a sufferer with oily eyelids whenever I want to wear eye makeup a primer is a must and there is only one product that really does the trick for me. Pixi's Eye Bright Primer is the one I reach for every time as I know it will guarantee me long lasting eye shadow for the entire day.

It is a nude/flesh coloured cream which dispenses from an angled sponge applicator - which makes it really quick and simple to apply, the tip fits around and into the socket of the eye and blends gently as you go. The slightly tinted product conceals the eye lids so you have the perfect, flawless base to apply makeup onto and it also brightens the eye area because of a light reflecting ingredient - when I'm extra tired I sometimes just wear this on it's own!
It has a matte, almost suede like finish which is very light on the eyes and dries really quickly, so there's no waiting around when you're trying to get ready... by the time you've finished priming the second eye, the first is ready for eyeshadow.
I've used cream and powder eyeshadows on top of this and liquid, gel and pencil eyeliners, and none have ever creased, smudged or faded, without primer my eye makeup is usually gone within an hour or so, which proves how great this really is.

An extra plus of this is that it is fragrance free and hypoallergenic, so if you're anything like me with terribly sensitive eyes, you should be okay with this one.
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