Fold up shoes are pretty awesome even if we do say so ourselves. We can think of thousands of situations where fold up shoes would come in handy but we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5! 

  1. A Day At The Races 
From Aintree races to Ascot, we all love dressing up in fabulous dresses and sky scraping heels, but one thing no one loves is sore feet! Standing up all day looking awesome is tough work for anyone, but in heels our poor feet start to suffer well before the last race is run. Pack a pair of ballet pumps in your handbag or clutch and avoid that embarrassing barefoot walk home! 

  1. The Office 
If you want to wear those killer heels at the office that’s great of course, but what about the walk to the tube or dreaded run for the bus because the alarm didn’t go off in time? A pair of office heels is an essential power piece for most women, but when you need to get to a sales pitch quickly those stilettos aren't the ideal footwear for jogging. Keep a pair on hand or sneakily tucked away in your desk and throw them on for the walk to and from work or to give your tootsies a rest whilst you’re at your desk. 

  1. Country Walks 
For those of us who love to get close to nature, a walk in the country is a great opportunity to get away from it all and escape the everyday hustle and bustle – but there’s one thing you can’t escape. Mud. Avoid those angry looks from pub landlords by taking off your muddy wellies or hiking boots at the door and popping on a pair of fold up ballet pumps, conveniently tucked away in your backpack, tote or handbag. 

  1. Festivals 
You’d be very silly indeed to turn up to a festival without wellies, as of course the UK in particular suffers from some of the worst festival weather in the world! But if you’re heading out to the likes of Coachella and Ibiza/Majorca Rocks, you probably won’t be trying to avoid puddles of mud, (maybe a few puddles of sick here and there). If standing up all day in your usual pair of shoes is likely to bother you, take a discrete pair of fold up pumps and enjoy the festival in comfort. If you are heading out to the likes of Glasto or Reading and Leeds next year, be prepared for rain, hail or shine. Did we mention we stock a range of foldable wellies that are easily tucked away in your backpack? Oh right… well we do! 

  1. Nights out 
We’ve all seen them, those women at 3am walking up the street barefoot carrying their heels with a kebab – not a glamorous look by any means (we still love kebabs though)! Those awesome designer heels may look great and seem like the best idea ever at 7pm but when midnight rolls around you’re looking for a seat at every available opportunity. Keep a pair of foldable pumps in your handbag for when those puppies start barking. Keep dancing without worrying about your feet and keep your heels in a discrete carrier bag courtesy of Butterfly Twists.

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