When it comes to nail polish in the colder months, I try not to worry too much about sticking with darker colours on my nails. I still wear nude shades and even wear the odd brighter polish. 
Most recently I've been mixing things up with Essie's Naughty Nautical and Bikini So Teeny.

When it comes to Essie, not only do I love the names of their polishes (could they be any cuter?) but the formulas are great and the colour selection is even greater!
I have heard a few people say that Essie polishes chip pretty quickly, which I have found, but it's nothing a decent base and top coat won't fix, so don't let it put you off.
Without a top coat they are still really glossy and have a perfect, opaque finish to them on the nails.

Naughty Nautical is the shade I have on my nails at the moment, it's a glossy seaside green shade (although some may argue it's more of a turquoise blue) with a subtle shimmer running through it, the perfect statement shade for nails which will suit any skin tone.

Bikini So Teeny is a beautiful cornflower blue, which just so happens to be my favourite colour, so the fact that I can wear it on my nails is great - it's a colour I have looked for, for years, always finding similar shades which have never been quite what I was looking for, but this is perfect.
On different skin tones this comes across as slightly different shades, on me it's a little lighter than it shows on the swatch, whereas on darker skin it can appear brighter.
This is a little more Summery than Naughty Nautical but I've still been rocking it, just because I love it so much!

These polishes are available individually or in a cute little twin set, perfect for a present (or just a treat to yourself!)
Are you a fan of Essie?
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