Pinafore: Primark
Shoes: Primark

I loved this pinafore when I bought it, but now looking at these pictures I'm not actually so sure. I've worn it a couple of times, styled this way and with a fluffy jumper underneath... both outfits I have liked but maybe it just doesn't photograph well, I'm not sure?

I am a fan of pinafores though, I find them quite easy to wear, just throw them on with a cute shirt and you're good to go. Speaking of cute shirts, this is easily my favourite at the moment, it's really pretty and girly, sheer with silky white polka dots. I 'spotted' (boom boom!) this online but it had sold out in my size so spent ages trying to track it down. Luckily I found it in my local Outfit store and snapped it up before it was too late. I really like the contrasting prints in this outfit combo.

With accessories I went quite simple, black shoes, black bag and my beautiful Olivia Burton lilac watch to add a dash of colour to the outfit. 

How do you style your pinafores?
Screen Shot 2014 09 21 at 11 01 03