When I was contacted to take part in The Body Shop and The RSPCA's 'Testing On Bloggers' campaign, I couldn't say yes fast enough. I've mentioned on here endless times how much I support cruelty free products, and I am completely open to trying any products that aren't tested on animals. 

Unfortunately it's hard (although not impossible) to have a completely cruelty free beauty routine, some brands claim to be cruelty free, yet still use ingredients which have been tested on animals... it can become quite a touchy subject. I am continually searching for products I love and want to use daily from the cruelty free market and The Body Shop is one of the most accessible brands where you know nothing has been tested on animals. It's a really good place to start if you're thinking of making the transition; there's a vast array of products to choose from; skincare, bath products, makeup, brushes and more... there's definitely something for everyone, I'm sure you'd find something to replace another item in your beauty routine.
When it comes to the basics, it's quite easy to change up the products you use. My first choice is the Define & Lengthen Mascara, which has been my go-to daytime mascara for the past few weeks and I was so happy to find that it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes (first box ticked for me!) I have the black version, but it's also available in brown which is a lovely alternative for Autumn/Winter. The brush reminds me of the Lancome Definicils brush, made from short, compact fibres which really works well to distribute the mascara onto the lashes, call me old fashioned but I definitely prefer these wands to plastic ones. If you're looking for a mascara that lengthens and defines the lashes without making them look too OTT, then this is the one. The result of just one coat is completely natural, yet improved and with two coats the length is really noticeable. I've been using this for work for a more subtle, yet pretty eye look and I haven't had any issues with flaking or smudging throughout my ten hour days.
Another eye product I've been testing is the Liquid Eyeliner, and although I'm admittedly a bit rubbish with eyeliners, I'd still recommend this to anyone who does use it. It's really black and quite glossy, which I like and for someone with wobbly hands like me, it's pretty easy to apply. It's easy to hold and the applicator has just enough flexibility to mould to the shape of your eye to get an almost perfect line.
Finally for eye products are the Colour Crush Eyeshadows, which are again really gentle for my eyes. I've been trying one matte shade 'Head In The Sky' which is a light, cornflower blue shade and a pearlescent shade 'Oh, Honey' a neutral golden colour with slight shimmer. Both eyeshadows are really soft to apply and blend out really easily. The colours are really pigmented and last all day on the eye with a primer. Although I haven't had much wear from the blue colour (even though it is beautiful!), I have been wearing Oh, Honey on a more regular basis... it's really pretty on it's own for a neutral wash of colour and it also works great as a base or as a highlight for a brown smokey eye. I'd definitely recommend having a swatch next time you're in your local store, there are 30-something shades to choose from!
Something a girl can definitely never have enough of are lipsticks! So there's really no excuse not to pick up one of these Colour Crush Lipsticks and add a cruelty free lippie to your collection. Although the packaging isn't really representing anything high end, the lipstick itself is just lovely, really moisturising and hightly pigmented. I've been wearing 'Sunset Romance' from the Shine lipstick collection, which is a glossy yet bright pink/coral shade. There are ten shades in the shine collection and another 20-something in the regular lipstick range - I definitely want to get my hands on more of these.
The final product, and possibly my favourite of the bunch is the Shimmer Waves Blush, a mixture of five shades of beautiful, finely milled shimmery powders which give the cheeks a real lift. The one I have is made up with tones of bronze and pinky golds which fade to cream and when blended together they give a really healthy glow. The paler shades can also be used individually as a highlight for the cheeks, brow bone etc. Available in three different colours, this isn't too dissimilar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, only it's much more affordable and it hasn't been tested on animals!

If you feel the same about animal testing, I'd really recommend having a read of the RSPCA's Makeover The World campaign, it will really open your eyes into some facts and figures about animal testing, products which are cruelty free and which brands still test on animals when they really don't have to. You can even get involved by taking a selfie with a cruelty free makeup face and Tweet or Instagram it using the hashtag #makeovertheworld
I'll be uploading mine this week!
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