I love sitting and painting my nails with different designs and although nail art isn't my forte I still like to give it a good go, sometimes though I just don't have the time to sit and spend an hour on my nails... either that or I can't be bothered, which is when this little duo comes in handy.

I've seen a few brands selling similar products but this one really caught my eye. I always find myself reaching for lilacs and purples when it comes to nail polish, and the fact that this one has a glitter option means you can get away with the pastel shade for the Winter season too. I usually do save the pastels for Spring/Summer, but with the glitter it becomes quite 'icy' looking.

This applies on the nails really easily, it's streak free with two coats and doesn't chip easily... It lasted around four days on me, which when you work in retail, is a pretty decent run!
I've worn both shades on their own and the deeper shade with the glitter coat ontop to change it up a little. For such a simple design, it does give lots of options for how to wear and the packaging just makes it easier to transport in a handbag or overnight bag if you need to take it away or keep hold of incase of touch ups.

I'm definitely going to try and pick up a few more of these, I'm really impressed!
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