The worst thing about this weather for me is the effect it has on my skin, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who suffers from dry, sore lips from the cold.
Although, admittedly I do have a collection of lip balms that would last me a lifetime, I still can't help but try new ones and add to my stash, and when the new additions are as good as this one, it's completely justified!

Bee Good is a British brand, developed by a husband and wife team using the expertise of the bee keeper husband and the creative ideas of the natural skincare loving wife to create an entire range of beauty products all made up of completely natural ingredients including honey and beeswax. The range was started in their kitchen in their home in Hampshire using a bright idea and a microwave... now there are cleansers, hand creams, moisturisers and more to try in the range.

The lip balm smells and tastes incredible, nothing too strong, just slightly sweet and when applied to the lips it gives an instantly soothing and nourished feeling, which is especially enjoyable when my lips are feeling sore and chapped from the cold.
It's quite thick and really rich, which means it takes its time soaking in slowly and really conditions the lips. I've been applying this after my skincare routine as I go to bed and again on a morning before I apply my lipstick.

The packaging is really cute, and the product is the ideal size for carrying around in my bag with me, so I can top up during the day if needed... There's nothing worse than needing lip balm and not having any!
I've found my lips not only feel, but also look better and softer, which not only cheers me up, but it means my makeup applies smoother and lasts longer on my lips.

As soon as this starts to run out I'll be stocking up with the triple pack of lip balms and saving myself a bit of money!
If you want to try any products from Bee Good, you can shop online and in selected Waitrose stores.
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