I love a good eyebrow, and if I don't have my monthly wax, I feel a little unkempt.
For the past two years or maybe more, I've been going to my local Debenhams Benefit Brow Bar for my waxes, ever since I was introduced to the service through a bloggers event, and I really can't fault it.

I can't bare to think of the time when I used to think a little bit of plucking was enough, although I am more than grateful that I never went through that over plucking stage with my brows... for some reason my teenage years were spent with slightly bushier brows rather than barely there brows, which may sound bad, but I definitely prefer it that way!

These days I love a bold, structured brow and Benefit Brow Bars are the place to be to achieve this.
They offer brow waxing/ brow arch, facial waxing and tinting. I usually just opt for a wax, as my brows are quite dark, but every three or four months I get my brows tinted as a bit of an extra treat.
As I'm a regular, I have a loyalty card, which gives little extras every few waxes... so far this year I've earned a free tint, free wax (on the week of my birthday) and 250 fee Beauty Club points.

The arch differs slightly for every person, depending on the size of your eyes, shape of the face, natural growth of the brow and many more factors that I'm not clued up on, but basically there isn't a set shape, the experts at the brow bar will make your brow shape work it's best for you.

The day I had my first wax, I was worried that it would be painful, but I can assure you that it's not... I find it quite therapeutic! Your brow arch is measured out, before the warm wax is applied and before you know it the waxing is over and it's onto the next step (it's a really quick process, only a couple of minutes for both brows). Next there's a little bit of plucking for any awkward little hairs that were missed by the wax and the brows can be cut if they're long. After a cooling gel is applied to the waxed area the girls will fill in your brows with Browzings or Gimmie Brow, whichever your prefer and then conceal any redness before you go off to the shops.

It's a service I recommend to anyone and everyone.
Have you been to a Benefit Brow Bar before?
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