Leather Jacket: French Connection
Scarf: Mango
Tights: My Tights
Boots: Matalan
Clutch: Primark

It's been so cold for the past few days, I honestly think it's going to snow soon, which I'm kind of dreading because driving in it terrifies me... I do kind of like making snowmen though!

Nothing is keeping me warmer than this amazing blanket scarf at the moment, it's absolutely huge and wraps round my head about three times. So cozy, just what I need... I've been wearing it with literally every outfit for the past few weeks. 
In this outfit I clashed the prints of my scarf and my tights, which I just love... I thought they might be fattening, but am I right in thinking they actually slim my legs down?! You really can't go wrong with something slimming in the wardrobe, and the print is so cute and quirky, they're definitely a welcome addition to my tights collection!

With everything else I went quite simple just to balance out the prints and wore my beloved Matalan boots to smarten up the look a little bit. 

Are you all sorted for Christmas?.. Elodie keeps reminding me that it's only a week away, which is stressing me out! I still have to wrap everything!! Let's hope if the snow does come, it's for Christmas Day only!
Screen Shot 2014 09 21 at 11 01 03