The end of 2014 is in sight, which means it's time for the round up posts on the blogs... first up for me are some of my favourite outfits of the year, so I must apologise for that's it's so picture heavy.

When I look back over some of the outfits I've worn this year, it appears that I have an unhealthy obsession with ankle boots and coats, it also confirms to me that I need a hair cut and to change up my poses a little bit!

Without looking at these pictures I would probably comment that I mainly wear monochrome, but I'm quite proud to see that there is actually a good mixture of colours in my wardrobe. I feel like my style has changed a bit over the course of this year, I still have quite eclectic taste; I like dresses, skirts, trousers and love to layer up with different textures and fabrics.

My favourite pieces I've featured on my blog have to be my Miss Selfridge pink coat, Love jumpsuit, Warehouse floral coord set, Dorothy Perkins baby blue trouser suit and my Lavish Alice playsuit.

You can see my 2013 Lookbook here and view all of my outfit posts in more detail here.

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