N Spa Instant Blur Primer

If you're on the hunt for a Porefessional dupe, then look no further ladies!

N Spa are a brand I have never tried before, so when they sponsored the FABB Event in Birmingham, I was really excited to try something from their range, and even more excited when they supplied us with these primers for the goody bags.

Products which blur out imperfections have been all the rage this year, and although I have experimented slightly with a few serums and creams, this is the first product of it's kind to really catch my attention. Not only it is a skin corrector, it's a primer too, and everyone knows I love a good two-in-one product!

Firstly, the packaging is really pretty and girly, so even just for the aesthetics of this looking beautiful on your dressing table or in a cheeky Instagram snap, it ticks the boxes.
The dispenser is also a real plus point to the product, it's so tiny, which makes it really easy to squeeze out the desired amount of primer, no wastage needed.

On the skin, this is really lightweight, and it applies smoothly while instantly sinking into the skin. Much like the finish to Porefessional, this leaves a velvet like finish to the face... it's silky and smooth, a perfect base for applying makeup.
I find that it evens my skin tone slightly by neutralising my red patches on my cheeks and chin, although I still like to be doubly sure by concealing these areas also. This primer claims to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, which is quite a big claim... I'm not sure if this is even possible, but it does seem as though the primer kind of fills out the lines, if that makes sense? It's no instant anti wrinkle product, but it makes somewhat of a temporary difference.

Most importantly my makeup lasts all day with this as it's base, I'm finding that touchups aren't necessary and I haven't even been using as much powder to set my concealer and foundation, just a light dusting and I'm done.
It's also really gentle, and doesn't break out or affect my sensitive skin at all.
I'll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out... it's a real bargain (only £7) and I've even been told it's often on offer in Tesco and Adsa.

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