T-shirt: Sports Shoes (direct link)
Leggings: Zaggora (direct link)
Trainers: Sports Shoes 

Firstly I need to apologise for my makeup-less face and how utterly pale my legs are, but this is what I look like when I work out, so hopefully we can move past this!

Although I'm not making a resolution to lose weight (even though a few pounds wouldn't hurt), I'm making a promise to myself to get fitter/eat healthier etc etc.
I'm going to try and only have one or two naughty food days per week, which in comparison to my current seven naughty days should hopefully be a good start to help me see some improvement. I'm also planning on either going to the gym or doing some kind of exercise (probably running once the lighter nights kick in) a few times per week. 

When I first started going to the gym, I worried a little over what to wear, which may sound silly but strappy tops aren't for me and I didn't want to wear anything too tight to begin with. Now I've been going for a while I have settled with wearing a comfy, breathable t-shirt like the one above (in a pretty colour of course), my Zaggora leggings which are made of a thick fabric, designed to make you sweat more in order to burn more calories, but don't worry they aren't uncomfortable at all and my Nike trainers. 

I've decided to be completely realistic about things when it comes to working out this year, as I know I won't have time to go to the gym for a an hour a day, or to commit to any fitness classes. As long as I can make myself feel a tiny bit better about myself and hopefully look a little better in the process, I'll be happy.

Do you have a fitness plan this year?