Orly is a nail polish brand that I haven't really experimented with too much, I have a couple of bottles in my collection but the colours have never excited me enough for me to keep reaching for them. This has all changed now that I have got my hands on two very different, yet wonderful shades from the Smoky Collection which was released towards the end of last year. The Smoky Collection is a mixture of glitter/shimmer polishes and two cream finish polish, which are the two I have.

I've been using 'Blend', a mauve/taupe shade which has the ability to look slightly different in certain lights or against different skin tones. Sometimes it's brown, sometimes more on the purple side... either way I love it.
The other colour I've been wearing is 'Highlight', a nude beige/grey shade, which again can look slightly different on different people.
Both polishes somehow manage to be completely unique shades in my huge nail polish collection, which is always a bonus, and always an excuse to buy more!

The best thing about these polishes, which has impressed me massively (and I've been telling everyone I speak to), is that they only require one coat, yes ONE COAT to be fully opaque on the nails! I honestly can't think of another nail polish or brand that I have used where I could say this... for any girl, I think this would be a huge plus point to a nail varnish. The swatches above show just one coat, and as you can see there's no streaking and they have a lovely, glossy finish to them - you really don't get better than that! The only time I have been doubling up on the coats is when I've been wearing it for work, which is when I find my nails chip the most, but for day to day life, one coat is definitely satisfactory.

I'm on the hunt for another shade to test now (probably something a little lighter or brighter for the upcoming Spring months), as I want to know if all Orly polishes are this amazing... have you tried any?
Screen Shot 2014 09 21 at 11 01 03