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Now that we're in the New Year it's got me looking ahead to 2015 and the plans I've made for the rest of the year. The thing I'm most excited about is the fact that I'm going on my first family holiday abroad since having Elodie, which leads me onto two things... toning up and my holiday wardrobe!

As it's been so long since I even owned a bikini or a swimming costume, I really want to treat myself to something that's a little bit more special, better quality and that will actually make me feel good about myself.
I'm not too sure if I will brave a two piece yet, that all depends on how well the diet and gym effort goes, so I've been looking at both options.

The Heidi Klein website has some stunning pieces, which I have managed to whittle down to a favourite five. They're a little more expensive than I would have set out to buy originally, but their beauty kind of justifies the price tag, and I'm sure the quality will be amazing too.

The first is a simple, classic suit which would never go out of style (and to be honest it's probably my favourite of them all), I do think I would have to be feeling extra confident to wear all white though... it's the only thing that puts me off slightly, even though that's what makes it so chic. If I had the perfect figure and a bag full of confidence to go with it, I'd be snapping this one up with no second thoughts.

When it comes to the three bikinis, I'm struggling to choose a favourite.
Firstly the yellow one is the most beautiful colour, and would look amazing with a tan... Maybe the best option for the second week of the holiday?!
The second two are exactly the same style but in different prints... I think I prefer the last top and the other bottoms though! The thick white band around the first's pants looks really chic against the blue pattern and then the nautical style of the last set with the big bow is just so cute and quirky.
Maybe I'd have to buy both to mix and match?!

Finally, the second swimsuit is probably realistically the most suited to me just incase I'm not feeling 100% body confident, yet still want to look stylish while being more covered up. The dark colours will be really flattering and not only does the green edging add a bit of extra shape to the body, it makes the swimsuit look that little bit more expensive and well made. The halter neck design would really suit my shape, as I have a bigger bust in comparison to my waist and I'll still feel comfortable.

All in all, I love them all and I'm still no further on with making my final decision and deciding which I like the most!
Which do you like the best?
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