2014 was a pretty wonderful year for me, personally and professionally.
My blog has grown, my life has got better and being a parent has meant that everything has been pretty none stop.

I've managed to cut a fairly long list down to my top 10 moments of the year, so in not particular order...
Elodie's graduation
Elodie left nursery in July, all ready to start big school in the September. I'm not sure about you, but when I was 4 years old, graduation was a long way away, but Elodie's nursery held a big leaving ceremony for all of the little ones who were moving on. It was a really lovely, sunny day so all of the parents gathered outside to see their child dressed in their cap and gown, be called onstage to receive their certificates... I have to admit I did get a little bit emotional. It was such a lovely day though and definitely a day to be a proud parent!
Elodie's first day at school
Speaking of emotional days, Elodie's first day at school just has to be included in this list. Luckily I have a very outgoing child, who was beyond excited for her first day at school. I've heard plenty of times from my Mam that I was the complete opposite! Dressed in her new uniform Elodie was thrilled to be going to school, making new friends and learning new things. I didn't think I was going to cry, but I did shed a tear as I walked away from the school gate for the first time, mostly because she didn't even look back when I left her! 
FABB Birmingham/FABB Liverpool
We held two FABB Events in 2014, the first in Liverpool and the second in Birmingham and both were fantastic days! We had some amazing brands involved in both events and again received fantastic feedback from all of the attendees. We're in the process of organising the next event already, and I can't wait to reveal more information - FABB is always so exciting! You can watch the Liverpool vlog here and the Birmingham vlog here.
Just like last year, Ray and I spent a couple of days in London to visit IMATS, which turned into a fun packed, manic few days of spending and eating good food! We're already deciding where to go and what to do when we go down again this year, but IMATS is definitely on the list... it's a great opportunity to learn about new beauty products, pick up some bargains and meet other bloggers. You can watch my vlog here.
If you follow me on Twitter, know me in real life or have read this blog for a while, you will probably know how much I love Boyzone. If you're a teenager now, Boyzone to me are like One Direction to you! I grew up listening to their CD's at every opportunity and dreaming of the day I would marry meet Ronan (maybe one day!) I've been to see them live twice this year, once being thanks to my blog, when a company sent me to review the concert - biggest blogger perk ever! Even though it was an outdoor concert and I got pretty much soaked to the bone, it was still one of the best days of the year... you can read the blog post here and see my vlog here.
Another musical opportunity arose from my blog when I was sent to see McBusted by Capital FM. I love McFly, and as McBusted they're even more fun! When I started my blog I didn't think this kind of opportunity would ever come out of it, but I'm definitely hoping to write more concert reviews an hopefully interview some singers/bands this year. You can read about the McBusted concert here.
Robbie moving home
Although I don't write too much about my personal life on here, you may know that my boyfriend moved to Essex in the Spring to start his new career, it was a really tough decision wether to stay up here or move away with him, but for several reasons myself and Elodie stayed in the North East and saw Robbie every few weekends. Needless to say, it was very hard and quite upsetting to be separated for such long periods of time, but in November Robbie got a new job offer much closer to home! He's now back living with us and starts his new job really soon. 
A weekend in Blackpool
In August, as a treat for Elodie before she started school, we took her on our very first family holiday to the glamorous location of Blackpool! Although it doesn't sound too thrilling, and it rained most of the time, we ended up having a brilliant three days. The excitement and novelty of staying in a hotel was enough to keep Elodie happy, not to mention the tram rides, pantomime, circus and the funfair.
Elodie's 5th Birthday
I still can't believe my little girl is five years old! On September 27th we celebrated her birthday with lots of family and friends at a local play centre. Although the day was completely manic, it was so much fun for her, and she was so excited to be turning 5, seeing Elodie happy completely makes my day. You can see some more photographs from the day here.
Elodie's Nativity
My final highlight of the year was seeing Elodie in her school nativity. She was in a nativity with her nursery last year but it wasn't as special as this one... in this she had her own part as an angel, and all four angels had their own scene with two songs and a little bit of a dance, it really was the cutest thing I've ever seen! It was lovely to be able to go into the school and see her interacting with her friends and the teachers, it's definitely something I feel the parents miss out on when their children are in school, it's like seeing a little bit of their world that we're not usually a part of. The atmosphere was so happy and full of excitement for Christmas - I can't wait until the next one!

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